A Bearded Farm Journal – Day 1

Today is October 12, 2017 I am starting to journal for the farm; one because I know/want to post more frequently and two because we started to have our children keep a daily journal in hopes that it will help with their writing and reading. With the knowledge that my writing and reading skills can use a boost as well (it is one of the reasons I don’t post often). My hope is that it will help keep the happenings on the farm better documented. The goal is to post one to two times a week and hoping to get to a daily entry.  

With the introduction out of the way, let’s get to a little bit of journalling. This morning while it was still dark and chilly, I wvfcent out and did the morning chores. I checked on the our sow Penelope and fed her the morning ration then down to the field to let the chickens/turkeys out and fed them. Made sure the cows were still in their daily paddock and that the electric fence was hot. To round it off, I went up to check on the rabbits in the barn. Everybody was good. It was a great fall morning.

Time is always something I seem to run short on especially since I work 40 hours a week for Whirlpool. It is a great job and provides for my family and the farm. I am grateful to have it. It is a blessing from God. I came in from chores and had time to do a brief morning devotion before waking the boys up to get ready for school. I made sure to get them breakfast and have them do their morning journal. They usually wake up make their beds, brush their teeth, and eat breakfast.

While they ate breakfast I remembered that I forgot a 

morning chore that we just started. We have a horse named Sugar that we keep put up and we have started bringing her out to mow the grass around the house so she gets fresh pasture each day. We move her around by staking her in the yard.  Then I went into work.

Later today I will do evening chores which is a repeat of the morning with the exception that we move the cows daily into a fresh paddock.

Well till next time. Get Growing!!!

Kyle – a bearded farmer

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