A Bearded Farm Journal – Day 6

Saturday November 11th started off nice cool and crisp morning. Daisy was happy to see me as I came to get her for the morning milking. The thought crossed my mind of how people go to the store for milk, I am blessed to get to go to the freshest market everyday. After the milking was done, it was time to get the normal chores out of the way. Let the chickens out/feed them, feed Penelope, check the cows and rabbits.

Once back to the house it was time to plan out the big cattle move latter in the afternoon. I wanted the dew to get off the grass before heading out in the field (actually for the sun to warm it up a bit to be honest). We had a family visit the farm. The family was in the area and wanted to stop by to see the farm since they found us online. They are planning on getting their own chickens(dual purpose meat/egg). It was a very nice and refreshing visit.

We had the beef cows in the back paddock and we used up the last day and it was time to move them to the front SW paddock. We had to layout a new lane to the pond for the cows to be able to get a drink of fresh water. We put the fence so the cows can get their head to the water but are not able to go for a swim that way the water stays fresh. We decide to cut the paddock in half then to cut that in half. We then have a checkerboard so to say of cattle moves. This has made it easier for us to keep up a daily rotation. One side of the temporary paddocks or set but we have one side we move at will. This makes it where we can set up for multiple paddocks ahead of time but keep just enough flexibility that if we see they need more or less grass we can accommodate easily.

I thought I might list  the tools that we use for our rotation.

Well, till next time. Get in the Dirt & Get Growing!!!


Kyle – a bearded farmer

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