A Bearded Farm Journal – Day 9

Thursday January 11, Now that the really cold days have passed and the ground has thawed a bit, rain has come. The Mud season truly begins. The one nice thing about freezing temps during the day is no mud. Since mud season is now in full swing I need to break down and buy some mud boots.

I have worn holes in my others and I have been putting off buying more. As my wife knows, I don’t like to spend money on clothing. I have been buying a $20 pair of boot from Tractor supply or Walmart which work well for a few months before getting a hole in the side. The hole starts small but grows quickly. My current boots have a big hole in both boots that not only lets the water in but now all the mud and muck so my socks turn a disgusting brown mess and my wife gets onto me. Rightly so of course. Plus the process of putting on grocery bags then boots is getting a little tedious and tiresome.


I know that it is time to not only break down and buy new boots but to fork out a little more cash and buy the expensive boots that will hopefully last. Here is the pair that I am looking at:

The thing that keeps me from just going out and getting a pair is the simple fact that I am hard on clothes, especially boots. Kassy says she has never met anybody that is harder on clothes than I am. Just a small example, she bought me a pair of insulated work gloves to use during this past cold snap. I wore holes in the gloves in 3 days doing the basic daily farm chores. I don’t want to spend a $100 on boots and in 3 months have worn them out like the $20 boots. A $20 dollar loss is a lot easier to take than a $100 loss but I feel the time has come to lose a few pounds, from my wallet at least. Of course, I would love to hear from others what are your suggestions on good, sturdy, rain boots.  Hopefully in my next entry I will have new boots.

Well, till next time. Get in the Dirt & Get Growing!!!

Kyle – a bearded farmer

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