A Bearded Farm Journal – Day 9

Thursday January 11, Now that the really cold days have passed and the ground has thawed a bit, rain has come. The Mud season truly begins. The one nice thing about freezing temps during the day is no mud. Since mud season is now in full swing I need to break down and buy some mud boots.

I have worn holes in my others and I have been putting off buying more. As my wife knows, I don’t like to spend money on clothing. I have been buying a $20 pair of boot from Tractor supply or Walmart which work well for a few months before getting a hole in the side. The hole starts small but grows quickly. My current boots have a big hole in both boots that not only lets the water in but now all the mud and muck so my socks turn a disgusting brown mess and my wife gets onto me. Rightly so of course. Plus the process of putting on grocery bags then boots is getting a little tedious and tiresome.


I know that it is time to not only break down and buy new boots but to fork out a little more cash and buy the expensive boots that will hopefully last. Here is the pair that I am looking at:

The thing that keeps me from just going out and getting a pair is the simple fact that I am hard on clothes, especially boots. Kassy says she has never met anybody that is harder on clothes than I am. Just a small example, she bought me a pair of insulated work gloves to use during this past cold snap. I wore holes in the gloves in 3 days doing the basic daily farm chores. I don’t want to spend a $100 on boots and in 3 months have worn them out like the $20 boots. A $20 dollar loss is a lot easier to take than a $100 loss but I feel the time has come to lose a few pounds, from my wallet at least. Of course, I would love to hear from others what are your suggestions on good, sturdy, rain boots.  Hopefully in my next entry I will have new boots.

Well, till next time. Get in the Dirt & Get Growing!!!

Kyle – a bearded farmer

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A Bearded Farm Journal – Day 8

Sunday January 7, I will start today by saying Happy New Year!!! I know a little late but if you are like us, the holiday season is a constant go, go, go time. It went by like a blur. They kids had a blast and it was good catching up with family that you don’t see throughout the year. We are excited  to get back to a normal routine and to slow down and take a breath. Well slow down with the family get togethers anyway. It is time to start prepping for the spring growing season.

Alright, let’s catch up on the farm activities. Here we go:  

  • Just before Christmas we had a bull calf born. We named him Nicholas.
  • The chickens are still working hard on preparing the garden spot.
  • Ice has been our enemy these past couple weeks.
  • Carrying buckets of water every morning and and having to break ice off the waterers throughout the day.
  • Swapping the Rabbit waters out at night and the water nipples throughout the day.
  • And dumping out all the water buckets out at night so they are not big ice cubes in the morning.
  • The good news is the bad cold snap is on its way out.
  • Our daily cattle ration is going well. We are continuing to roll a bale of hay out each day on the new spot.
  • Daisy’s bull calf Poppy decided to get out and go on some day field trips to see the other cows for a few days in a row. We seem to have him under control now but he definitely gave me a cardio workout.
  • Today our sow decided to take a field trip in the morning. Penelope had pushed a her hay on the electric line which allowed her to get out and visit the other animals.

Well, till next time. Get in the Dirt & Get Growing!!!

Kyle – a bearded farmer





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A Bearded Farm Journal – Day 7

Monday December 18, today is Nehemiah’s birthday. He is turning 8 years old and is becoming an incredible young man. Happy birthday Nehemiah!!!

With that said life has been a little crazy and hectic as I’m sure that you know with the Holiday season being in full swing. It is time to do all the las minute Christmas shopping and preparations. With that said, I wanted to take time to give you a bullet list of the happenings on the farm. Here we go:

  • We had our wonderful and now official annual trip to get our christmas tree from Wheeler’s Christmas Tree Farm. It is a great day of hot chocolate, apple cider, hayrides, and more. We recommend all who are close by to make the trip down.
  • Moved chickens to garden area to do some prep. Our hope is they will till up our permanent beds a little then we will cover them to kill of the remaining weeds. Then they will move to where we will be spreading wood chips to have them help spread 
  • We have Penelope in her winter paddock and we are moving her feed/water to different spots occasionally to keep her trail patterns broken up. Hopefully it will keep from any permanent trails being made.
  • Sugar our pony got a hair cut
  • Moved cows to the last area in the SW pasture and planed the layout for hay feeding/winter rotation
  • A very sad day on the farm. Jasmine our sick calf died.
  • Now we have started our hay cattle rotation. We made it past December 15th before feeding hay.
  • Added to our daily chore list is breaking ice off the waterers and thawing the rabbit waterers.

My beautiful wife has dubbed me the “cow cuddler.” Nothing like cuddling up to a warm cow on a cold morning as you milk. I hope that gets us caught up a little bit. I know there is more so be on the look out for more posts.

Just a reminder, I know it’s busy and hectic but remember the reason for the season. Jesus Christ was born, the savior of the world. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Well, till next time. Get in the Dirt & Get Growing!!!


Kyle – a bearded farmer

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Rudolph Craft

Christmas Reindeer

So, we all love Rudolph, but you know you would love him even more if he was made from Chocolate & with the love of little hands creating him for you!

The kids and I are always looking for Christmas craft ideas for the holidays, but with five little ones I am also looking for crafts that are not going to break the bank and are very simple. And, this craft met both those criteria.

May we present to you our Rudolph version:

Before you get started here is what you are going to need:

  • Full size Hershey’s bars
  • Candy canes (we chose the peppermint, but you can choose whichever flavor you prefer)
  • Googly eyes
  • Pom-poms in any color you choose (I had planned on using the red, but they chose the other colors)
  • Glue
  • Tape

First, I handed each child 1 Hershey’s bar, two candy canes, two googly eyes and they chose their pom-pom.

Next, flip over your Hershey’s bar and I taped the candy canes to the back of the bar. I found that tape made this process faster, instead of having to wait for the glue to dry.

Last, you are going to glue your eyes & nose onto the front of your Hershey’s bar. I let the kids pick where they wanted the eyes and nose, which is why some of our reindeer look cock-eyed & their noses are in weird positions.

Then, you just let dry. If you have as many little hands as we do in our house, I suggest a tall shelf. 🙂

They are just the cutest craft & the kids had so much fun making them for their cousins & friends! I know that our chocoholic Papaw is just going to LOVE receiving one of these gems in his stocking!!!!

If you make your own little reindeer, please post some pictures! We would love to see your creations!!!

Kraft you later,

Kassy the Homesteading Momma @ Kassy’s Krafts

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