Valentine Love Bugs

Who does not love jello? Or at least, I have never met a kid who does not love jello…especially as much as our son, Nehemiah! This kid could probably eat his weight in jello if we let him! So, this Valentine craft he picked to make was so fitting for him, I mean, they look just like him! 

Here are the supplies you will need:

First, cut out two hearts for you lovebugs feet. We used some leftover glitter cardstock I had from my daughter’s Valentine Craft, but any heavy cardstock will work.

Then, we glued our hearts to the top of the jello cup. Like so:

Flipping our jello cup over, we then added our antenas. I just cut the pipe cleaner in half, then folded that half into half. (sounds way more complicated that it is, I promise!) We then glued one x-small pom-pom onto each pipe cleaner’s end.

Next, glue your antena to the bottom of your jello cup. 

Finally, you are ready to glue your face onto your jello bowl. We did the nose first, then attached our googly eyes.

Wha-laa! The cutiest, tastiest lovebugs ever! I just want to grab a spoon & dig in!

Please share your little love bugs with us! I love seeing everybody’s creations!

Kraft ya later!

Kassy – the Homesteading Momma

Kassy – the Homesteading Momma

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Valentine Sharks

Love bites!

For Valentine’s Day this year, my oldest son, Elijah decided to make these shark Valentine’s to pass out to all of his favorite people.

They were so much fun to make… and visciously cute!

Here are a list of supplies you will need:

  • Glitter scrapbook paper 
  • Google eyes
  • Clothespins
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Shark template 
  • Glue sticks & glue gun
  • Candy ( the original post used swedish fish, but Elijah wanted sour patch kids… so the shark looked like it was eatting people! *sigh* BOYS!)

First, print out your shark template and cut out. You can find the shark template by clicking here (scroll to the February 2015 issue) It may ask you to add your e-mail to sign-up, but they do have a lot of cute kid crafts… and it’s FREE!!!

Then, I traced the shark silhouette onto the glitter cardstock and cut it out.

I then cut the shark in half, kinda right down the middle of the mouth and across. I think this helps it to line up on the clothespin better than right down the exact middle.

Next, we glued the shark to the clothespin. This was kinda tricky at first trying to get the top & bottom to line up just right, but just take your time and move the sharks around a bit. We did find that doing the top first, helped make the bottom easier to line up.

Now, for the shark eye. We used googly eyes, but I did see in the original post that she used a shiny sequin. But, since we did not have sequins … and I was not making a special trip to the store for them, we stuck with googly eyes. I like them though, and think it makes them look kinda silly & less “scary”. 

Last, we clipped in our sour patch kids (aka poor helpless sufers) into the sharks mouth and added a heart. The hearts were just left overs from our Valentine Robot Craft, you can find that craft by clicking HERE!

Ta-da! Our Valentine Shark!

Please share your fiercely cute sharks too!

Kraft ya later!

Kassy – the Homesteading Momma

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A Bearded Farm Journal – Day 15

Sunday February 11, just wanted to give a quick update on the piglets. They are healthy and looking stronger. Little Scappy is doing well. You can tell he is still sore but he is moving around with the other piglets.

The cows stayed in their paddock! No cow roundup this morning. The rain is continuing on and making the farm a big mud pit. I really got to order those boots. Maybe after church I will get that done.

On a personal note, I used the rainy day yesterday (well the afternoon at least) to start building Kassy the Homesteading Momma her on kraft desk. I was able to finish the framing. Now I just have to put the top on it then she will take over and paint the legs and stain the top. I know it is a long way from the Studio/Farm store I want to build her but at last she will have a place she can keep her craft stuff out as she works on it. No more having to put up the supplies midway through a craft so we can eat dinner on the kitchen table.

Well, till next time. Get in the Dirt & Get Growing!!!

Kyle – a bearded farmer






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A Bearded Farm Journal – Day 14

Saturday February 10, this morning we had Piglets born. If you remember back in Day 2 of our “A Bearded Farm Journal,” we bred Penelope on October 18th and the pig math worked out to piglets arriving today. It worked. She had a litter of 7 piglets. Praise the Lord! It was dark this morning so we didn’t inspect them to close. It being Penelope’s first litter, we knew it would be a small one. Normally, pigs can have up to 12-15 piglets. Our old sow would have about 15 at a time. We went on to the rest of the chores.

Our plan was to spend today clearing off the front fence lines but the weather had a different opinion. Rain, rain, and more rain for this weekend which means outside projects were delayed and more mud to deal with. I really need to order my new boots! The wind last night that brought in the rain apparently tore down the back line of our electric fence and let the cows out. So we spent the first part of the morning rounding them back up. The fun thing is that yesterday our neighbor’s bull was still in with our herd and the neighbor’s bull calves wanted to come for a visit and they REALLY tore down the electric fence. We found the weak part of the perimeter fence where they came over and tried to drive them back through. It didn’t work so well at first. So, after chasing them back down and separating them from our herd again, we had them standing still in the corner. We took this time to go back and take loose the rest of the fence creating a big hole for them to go through. Success! We got them out of the field and we patched the fence. Well that was enough of a rabbit trail, back to today.

After getting the cows put back up, we decided to do a closer inspection of the piglets since the sun was up. We found all the piglets are white(that’s the Landrace coming through). The sad thing is that we found one piglet that didn’t make it. We think Penelope might have laid on it by accident. This is typical with pigs, especially in first – time mothers, but we are hopeful that she is going to figure this mothering thing out! The other thing we found is that one had a pretty bad laceration on his shoulder. Fortunately, my brother who is a nurse by day (farmer by night) was able to get the shoulder sewed up and he seems to be doing okay. 

We will keep an eye on him and make sure to clean out the wound every day with hydrogen peroxide. He has now been nicknamed Little Scappy (since we had to operate on his scapula).  We made sure and numbed the area and cleaned it out the best we could.Then my brother sutured it up. I will try to post a video at the bottom.

On top of all this, Poppy decided to go on an adventure as well. I had to walk through the mud with my holey boots and round him back up. Thanks Poppy, just one more reminder that I need to buy new boots.

After my morning run with Poppy, we had to fix a leak for our other neighbors. The bathroom water supply line for the toilet sprung a leak, but was luckily a fairly easy fix. And we were fortunate enough to have all the supplies on the farm, so no Lowe’s or Home Depot trip needed. That in itself is enough to be thankful for!  It has been a busy day but I am so thankful that the Lord graciously brought us though today’s trials.

So far our morning has been filled with much excitement. Now, the rain has set in so…  we shall see what the afternoon holds.

Well, till next time. Get in the Dirt & Get Growing!!!

Kyle – a bearded farmer






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Valentine Candy Robot

Every year for Valentine’s Day, I let the kids look through Pinterest and pick their favorite Valentine craft/project to pass out to their cousins, friends, uncles, aunts and grandparents for Valentine’s Day. It is fun to see what they pick, some projects they pick really surprise me.

This year three of the five kids picked this candy robot craft. And I am not gonna lie, he looks so cute….and so yummy! Of course, I also seen a lot of time, money and candy going into this little cutie, if I let three kids make these for everybody on their list! So, I was able to talk everybody into doing this craft as one of our after school crafts.

So, after over a week of begging, we made our sweet bots last Friday after we finished school. 

I will say, even with having a total of seven kids making these (my neice and nephew made one with us), it went really quick, and relatively easy.

So, grab your glue gun & let’s get started!

Here are the supplies you will need:

  • 1 pack kit-kat mini’s
  • 1 pack Hershey’s kisses
  • 1 pack Reese’s cup mini’s
  • 1 pack of individually boxed raisins
  • 1 pack of tic-tacs
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • Gem stones (optional)

Before we started, I went ahead and pre-wrapped the tic-tacs and raisins to make assembly easier for my younger guys.

Any of the scrapbook paper that was left over I cut out hearts that we used to decorate our bots. This is optional, but I think it make them look cute and each unique from the other.  

I let each kid pick their body, head, eyes and belly heart.

Next, each kid picked their candy:

-2 kit-kats

-2 Hershey kisses

-5 Reese’s mini’s

Maryam took this opportunity to take apart my little bot I had practiced on earlier that day…. Something about his parts needing to be inspected??? Apparently, they were all up to code & tasted yummy! 🙂

Now it’s time to assemble your bot.

  • Starting with your tic-tac head, add a tab of hot glue on each side and then one Hershey kiss to each side.
  • Next, we made his neck. On the bottom of your tic-tac box, add a drop of glue and one Reese’s.
  • We made the arms next. Add a bit of glue to each side of your raisin box and then one kit-kat on each drop of glue.
  • The legs were the next to be assembled. We glued the “feet” together first by stacking two Reese’s cups on top of each other. Then we glued the feet to the bottom of the raisin box.
  • Finally, you are ready to attach your head to the body. Add a glue drop to the top of the raisin box and glue the bottom of the neck to the belly.
  • And, last was the most fun part, DECORATING!!!! Each kid picked out their own hearts for the eyes and a heart belly. They decided to add gemstones to the eyes and hearts… and I think it turned out just super cute!

I would love to see your sweet bots, so please share your finished crafts with us!

Kraft ya later!

Kassy – the Homesteading Momma

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