Pastured/Woodlot Hogs


Our pigs are rotated through fresh pasture on a regular basis, using portable electric fencing. This allows their diet to be supplemented with grass, bugs, and other naturally occurring edibles. They are also given a healthy ration of a well-balanced 100% non-GMO feed.

We do not use any type of hormones to speed up the growth rate of our pigs. Medications are only used as an absolute last resort. If we identify an animal that appears sick, we isolate it from the group and attempt natural remedies to correct the problem. If these do not work, we will consider using commercial medications, depending on the nature of the illness.  We use a product called Basic H as a natural wormer. Basic H is a natural detergent that is added to their water several times a year. We are very satisfied with this product.

Conventional pork that is sold in stores is raised inside of large confinement houses, where the pigs are raised in close quarters on concrete slabs. These pigs rarely if ever see fresh air and sunshine. Their diets consists of multiple forms of GMO foods and they are routinely given medications to compensate for the poor living conditions.

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